WTOL Editorial: If Neo-Nazis Show Up, JUST STAY HOME

The people of Northwest Ohio should just stay home if the Neo-Nazi losers march in Toledo on August 17. Their hate-filled message disgusts me. If we  just stay home, there is no way the riots of 2 years ago can be repeated.

We do live in America, so even vile groups like this have a right to express themselves. But we have a right to ignore their message of hate. If we do, and their pathetic display fails to get any attention, they will slink and slither away.

The worst choice we can make is to confront them. This will lead to violence; it always does.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I say if these jerks show up in our town, stay home. Spend some time with your family and your neighbors instead. Each of you has the power to turn off the hate. Use it.