Clogged Pipe Means Fecal Matter's Flowing in the Street

MONROE, MICH. -- There's raw sewage outside coming from inside, and residents say they can't escape the stench. It's happening at an apartment complex on the 400 block of Winchester in Monroe, Mich.

Residents turned to the city and their landlord for help, but to no avail. So they contacted problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Better not flush Victoria Currington's toilet because when you do, feces and toilet paper come right out.

"Everything's going down the road and the sidewalk," Currington says about the problem.

It's an obvious health hazard for the five families who live in the complex. The problem is a clogged pipe that residents say the landlord won't fix.

"He said he couldn't do anything at the time," Currington says, adding that she has to sweep up a lot of it twice a day just to keep up.

"I've put out traps etc., and Decon, and we just can't get rid of them," Currington says about the mice that have accompanied the sewer problem. "We tried calling the city and the landlord and couldn't get nothing done."

Mika Highsmith contacted the landlord. He went out and tried to fix the problems and was cooperative, though unsuccessful. He agreed to hire a contractor.

"I got to do it. I have no choice," Joe Selden says. "I'm going to do that and get an exterminator out here. When I'm done, it's up for sale," the landlord says.

Posted by KO