WTOL Editorial: Stop the Petty Politicking, Toledo

After months of turmoil between the mayor and city council and others, I say, 'Enough.' Get back to what we elected you to do: making Toledo a better place to live. Period. Any politician who doesn't get this should be run out of office in the next election.

What most people want is a city that is safe and clean. We want the garbage to be picked up on time, even on holiday weeks. We want the sewers to work, even when it rains. We want the snow removed.

I hope the mayor means what his note to council says. He does need to get back to the job. I hope that members of city council are listening. The antics of the last 12 months should be enough to convince us that controversy and petulant sniping rarely lead to progress.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I say the next time the mayor or a city council member engages in petty politics instead of running the city, should be the last time you ever vote for that person. That will get their attention.

Posted by KO