Police Chase Ends in Crash

The chase ended in north Toledo.
The chase ended in north Toledo.

NORTH TOLEDO -- It started as a traffic violation, and ended with a police chase through Oregon and a crash in north Toledo.

Toledo Police say the incident began in Oregon when police tried to pull over a speeding truck driven by 22-year-old Nicholas Wisniewski.  Oregon Police say he broke at least 10 traffic laws, then left city limits going toward Toledo.  That's when the broke off their chase.

Toledo Police picked up the incident on Phillips over the Ottawa River.  That's where Wisnewski's truck spun out and hit a guardrail.

The air bags deployed in the truck, but it's unclear whether Wisniewski was hurt in the crash.

What is clear is that Wisniewski will face several charges.  They could include a felony charge for running from police.

Posted by AEB