Police Investigate Possible Hate Crimes in Fremont

Some of the writings have contained swastikas.
Some of the writings have contained swastikas.

FREMONT -- Police in Fremont are investigating possible hate crimes directed at the NAACP.  Detectives say some one is throwing propaganda into several people's yards, with some of the writings targeting Dallas Leake, president of the Fremont chapter of the NAACP, and a former school board member.

Since May, Leake has found disturbing notes in his yard.  One was written on the sports page of The (Toledo) Blade newspaper, with the words "national association for the advancement of complaining people."  Below that was a reference to the "n-word."

Another threat, written on pages of a local Hispanic newspaper, said, "Special delivery to the pres. of the Fremont chapter of NAACP."

"You have the right to voice your opinion but when you infringe on someone else's right and actually you become a threat to their safety and to their family's safety, I think is a different story," said Leake.  When asked whether he fears for his safety, Leake answered, "Of course.  Of course.  Not so much myself, but I have a wife and family."

The letters also contain swastikas and praise for Adolph Hitler.  The hateful messages have been tossed into yards and sidewalks, and seem to be increasing in recent days.  "They are rolled up in newspapers to weight them, so people think they are newspaper deliveries," said Sgt. Ken Buchele of the Fremont Police Department.  "They will go out and open it up, and lo and behold, there's a hate propaganda."

Many of the letters contain web addresses for the National Socialist Movement, the same pro-Nazi group that sparked riots in north Toledo back in 2005.  "You got all walks of life in a small town like this, you know," said Darren Lee, a Fremont resident.  "If you got a problem with somebody, you know, I feel settle it as adults, don't be childish."

"It's all over.  It's not just happening in Fremont," said Tyrone Lee, another Fremont resident.  "It's all over America, all over the world. Everybody just needs to get along."

Police aren't sure who's actually behind the letters but they are increasing patrols around Leake's house.

Posted by AEB