Home on Walnut St. an Eyesore -- Then Mika Highsmith Got Involved

NORTH TOLEDO -- Janet Green has lived in a North Toledo home on Walnut all her life, and it shows.

"I don't want to be the bad one in the neighborhood. I like a nice property," Green says.

But while she cares for her home, the vacant house across the street is falling apart, bringing the neighborhood down with it, she and her neighbors complain

"We have to look at this every day," Green says, the "this" being weeds so tall and thick there's no telling what's hiding in them.

Residents say property in question is infested with rats. "You can see them at night -- even in the daytime -- running," Green says. The house has boarded windows, many of which have fallen off, leaving the house wide open.

"It could be worse. It could be two-legged creatures that we don't want around here," says resident Ann Krause.

Residents say they've put out an SOS. "I've tried to get help from the city, but they give me no answers. It's ridiculous," Green says.

So the neighbors turned to News 11's Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Mika got involved, and a city maintenance crew hit the scene with weed wackers in hand. The result? Freshly cut grass and a whole lot of happy neighbors.

"It looks a lot better. It looks like a neighborhood," Green says. "Thank you very much. I'm glad you came out, otherwise this wouldn't have been done. I'm satisfied with the work."

If you're having a similar problem, call city hall at 419-936-2020, and they'll take care of it. If not, give Mika Highsmith a call at 419-248-1182.

Posted by KO