WTOL Editorial: We Need an Economic Development Director

I've said it before and I'm saying it again.  The city of Toledo needs an economic development director.  There has to be someone in that role who can remain dispassionate and calculating.

Toledo needs a person the remainder of the region trusts and wants to work with.  I don't think Mayor Finkbeiner is that person.

Look at his recent decision making.  The mayor is angry with the people who run Wood County.  He believes they are poaching businesses out of Toledo.  He could have chosen the more sophisticated and professional approach of calling a Wood County commissioner or Tom Blaha and having a private conversation.

Instead he calls a press conference.

He blindsides the very people he claims he wants to work with.  And he never supported his accusations.  This was a terrible and troubling way to handle the situation.

I'm Bob Chirdon.  I think a real economic development director would have delivered the same message privately, with tact.  Not publically as an angry, unsubstantiated attack.

The mayor clearly doesn't agree.