UT Student Arrested for Cincinnati Bank Robbery

CINCINNATI -- Police say a University of Toledo student and another college student were behind a recent robbery.  Police arrested 19-year-old Andrew Butler and 21-year-old Christohper Avery after they say the two admitted to robbing a bank.  Motive?  Butler's mother says high tuition bills may have driven them to crime.

Andrew Butler's mother Franki says this is a tough one to handle.  It doesn't seem to her like her son could have robbed a bank.  "His dream was just to go back to the University of Toledo and he really wants to go back," Franki said.

Andrew is a theater major at UT, home for his summer break.  Police say he conspired with longtime friend Christoper Avery to rob the Valley Central Savings Bank.  His mother says if he did it, it might have been because Butler lacked savings of his own.  "He just really was struggling, working two jobs here, you know, temp jobs, two jobs and trying to get the money," said Franki.

Bulter says as summer wore on, her son kept talking about mounting bills from the university.  "He would say, you know, 'This money is due, and I'm gonna need more money with my roommate, we're getting a house, and I need my half of the money,'" said his mother.

Christopher Avery, the other suspect, is an engineering student at the University of Cincinnati.  Butler says it doesn't make any sense to hear Avery also might have been involved.  "They just... they just had goals," Franki said.

Now they have more than college to worry about.  In a court appearance Wednesday, a judge set bond for both at $50,000.  Both Butler and Avery are expected to appear in court again soon.

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Posted by AEB