Garbage vs. Garden -- Who's Right? Mika Highsmith's on the Spot

POLISH VILLAGE, TOLEDO -- Eric Robertson takes pride in his backyard. He plants flowers and maintains his crops. He really enjoys his Polish Village neighborhood, reports News 11's Mika Highsmith.

"We love our backyard," Robertson says, proudly.

Too bad a city worker almost destroyed his beautiful oasis when she picked up his garbage about a week ago and threw it right over his fence, "without any regard to what was on the other side."

Indeed, there were several bags -- and even a garbage can -- on top of his garden.

"She broke plants and pottery that was out there," Robertson complains. The "she" is Sue Frederick, acting manager of code enforcement, who says she did it because his trash was in the wrong spot.

"We were told we were allowed to put our trash on Central Ave. so that's where we've been putting it for several years," Robertson says, adding that he wasn't informed that his pickup location had changed.

Robertson says he doesn't believe Frederick had the right to take things in her own hands.

"I could have been injured or one of my dogs. What if there was a child was over there," he wonders. "That's not city policy, and I don't believe that was right to take that action to damage out on our property."

The city says Robertson was told of the trash pick-up change back in June but chose not to comply. Frederick says she was responding to complaints from neighbors who said Robertson's trash had been out for five days.

The mayor's spokesman says Frederick actually did Robertson a favor by throwing the garbage over the fence when she could have left him a $75 ticket.

If Robertson wants remuneration for his broken belongings, it looks like he'll have to file a case with the city law department.

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