Woman's Foreclosure Nightmare Kept at Bay -- But How?

LUCAS COUNTY -- Foreclosure rates may be on the rise, but Lucas County is hoping to help homeowners keep their homes.

The Lucas County Foreclosure Task Force is launching a TV campaign to promote forums and classes already in place, to help save homes. Mika Highsmith answered a Call 11 for Action alert.

She visited a house in Sylvania and found out it is out of foreclosure and now up for sale. But, she stresses, foreclosure can be forestalled.

"I went through a divorce, got back to the house and got foreclosure papers. My ex-husband hadn't paid on the house for five months," said Denise Farrow, launching into her own nightmarish story.

Farrow said she was in danger of losing her home, the foundation she's worked for her entire life.

"I was living off my charge cards. It was bad," Farrow said, acknowledging that things just got worse.

In an attempt to get out of financial trouble, Farrow found herself deeper in debt. She fell into predatory lending, but made the choice not to fall victim.

"I decided not to quit, and I kept plugging at it, and there's people out there that can help you," Farrow said. One organization, Lucas County Foreclosure Task Force, hooked her up with the Fair Housing Center.

"They went in and helped me reduce my interest rates," Farrow said. Two years later, she's out of the red.

"I have some equity for the first time in seven years," Farrow said, happily.

In Lucas County, there are 1,621 homes currently in foreclosure, proof that help is needed out there.

Farrow said she has some words of wisdom for others who find themselves in trouble. "Just don't give up. I didn't, and I'm just perfectly happy. It was a fight, but it was worth it.

To reach the task force, call 1-888-995-HOPE.

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