Without Gas, How Can She Bathe and Feed Her Children?

TOLEDO -- They're living without hot water and hot food, and all because they don't have natural gas.

Residents in the 200 block of Fassett, just off Oak in east Toledo, say a construction company damaged the gas line some time ago. But the residents are still without gas. So they've called problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Tara Leu and her two kids won't use the water to bathe. It's cold. "I can't give them baths," Leu said.

She said she also "can't cook them anything." It's been Leu's problem for 11 days now, but it's not her fault.

The problem started outside at a construction site on Fassett just off Oak.

"Ever since they started this, they've been breaking gas lines," said Norbert Louy, the owner of the building. "The construction company that broke the line is trying to take care of the problem for us because it's their fault."

"They've had a plumber out here every day trying to fix the line," but Louy says all seven times Columbia Gas has come out in just 11 days, it's been a different story.

"Since June 26, his birthday, that's the last day we had hot water," Leu said, referring to her child.

Mika Highsmith spoke with a rep from Columbia Gas. He told Mika the pipe being used is not up to code, and in order to determine exactly what they need to fix it, they're going to have to tear the concrete up and look at it.

The good news is it should all be worked out very soon. Mika Highsmith arranged for all parties to meet so they can fix the problem.

Posted by KO