New Habitat for Humanity Home Dedicated

SPENCER TOWNSHIP -- A Toledo-area family now has a place to call "home" after a couple of busy weeks.  Habitat for Humanity dedicated a brand-new house on Saturday for Terry McDonald, her two neices, and nephew.  Just a couple of weeks ago, it was just a bare lot, but now it's ready for the move.

WTOL-TV teamed up with The Andersons to help Habitat for Humanity with the build.  Their new home is 1 of 12 being built in the area this year by Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity.  The group views its mission as a "hand-up", giving people a helping hand toward home ownership.

During the construction process, Terry McDonald put in at least 300 hours of work on the new home.  "It's a dream come true," said McDonald.  "[As a child,] when you have a dollhouse to play with, one day I dreamed I would have that.  But to actually help build it is even more exciting."

Habitat for Humanity homes are built completely with donated labor and materials, however the local construction coordinator says this is anything but a hand-out.  "The sponsors give us lots of money but the families end up having a mortgage," said Dave Belknap of Habitat for Humanity.  "It's a 25-year no-interest mortgage, and they have to work hard and then they have to pay for it too, absolutely not a free gift."

Across the street, another habitat for humanity home is being built for a single mom. She's moving in next month and is excited about getting out of her apartment.  "Me and my daughter are just in [the apartment] tight," said Tennille Laws, a future homeowner.  "Really nice to be moving into a big house from a little apartment and something I will own someday."

Posted by AEB