Residents Upset About Tall Grass, Trash -- So What Did They Do?

They live in the city, but they have the wilderness in their backyard. We're talking about people who live in the 2000 block of Clinton off Bancroft in Central Toledo.

Neighbors say an empty field is causing all sorts of problems. So they turned to News 11's problem solver Mika Highsmith for help.

Because of Mika's involvement, the problem has been solved.

Stonewall and Rebecca Diggins keep their backyard cleaned up and mowed.

"I cut it to keep it looking nice," Stonewall says. But now they're second-guessing their decision to work on their yard.

And that's because an empty lot near their home has weeds and trash and grass -- well, it's a mess, frankly.

"Nobody cares so they dump and make it look worse," Rebecca complains.

It's tough to look at and, worse, it's a safety hazard. "Anything could happen. You could walk around in your yard. People can hide in that stuff, you know," Rebecca says.

Rebecca says she and her neighbors have called the city, but, "No one seems to do anything about it.

Mika Highsmith got and, just a few days later, the grass is freshly cut, and crews were even out chopping up trees.

"It looks a lot better. I feel a lot safer," says Lilian Kynard. "I've seen you on TV, and the results when people call you, and I'm really happy now."

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