U.K. Visitor's Luggage in Greyhound Limbo

Greyhound lost Grant Houghton's luggage.
Greyhound lost Grant Houghton's luggage.

They say, "Leave the driving to us." But a man visiting Toledo from London says, "Don't do it."

He traveled here from New York on Greyhound at the end of May -- and he's been here ever since. The problem? He says Greyhound lost his luggage.

After getting the runaround for weeks, he called News 11's problem solver Mika Highsmith.

"I was supposed to be here for three weeks initially -- just visiting a friend who goes to UT," said Grant Houghton. "I've outstayed my welcome here."

Houghton was supposed to travel all the way to California on a Greyhound bus, but what happened on the way here put the brakes on his plans. "Throughout the 12-hour journey they actually lost my luggage," he said.

He got one bag with winter clothes in it, but the bag he really wants has close to $2,000 worth of clothes and his laptop. That bag never came off the bus. Now Houghton is stuck, and going home to London is not an option.

"It looks like it could turn into a potential 12 weeks," he said, because Greyhound takes 90 days to track a bag before labeling it lost or stolen.

"(Do they) need three months to travel around America to see if my luggage is there? It's put me on hold that long," Houghton said.

Besides the emergency $50 check he received two weeks ago, he hasn't been compensated for his belongings -- or for the inconvenience.

"I've had arrangements and appointments throughout my stay here, and they've all been canceled," Houghton said.

We contacted Greyhound, and they've agreed to go ahead and rush compensation to Houghton right away. If they do find his bag, they say they'll send it to London.

Houghton is being offered just $250, the maximum payout Greyhound offers.

The lesson here is if you travel on Greyhound, make sure to buy the extra insurance policy, which Houghton says he was not offered.

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