WTOL Editorial: Your Thoughts on Toledo Express Airport

Bob Chirdon received numerous responses about his editorial on Toledo Express Airport. Here are some of them:

If things stay as they are, most of you prefer to fly out of Detroit Metro. And in your e-mails to me, you were quite specific about why.

Rachel said: "It is always cheaper to fly out of Detroit."

Erik added: "When I can fly for $50 each way to Tampa from Detroit, and Delta is charging $369 from Toledo, it's a no-brainer."

Robert wrote: "Detroit has direct connect to most of the cities... The flights out of Toledo are not scheduled on a timely basis. A flight from Detroit back to Toledo might not be available when I need it."

Bob summed it up by saying: "... any inconvenience associated with traveling to Detroit is overshadowed by the benefits of obtaining direct and cheaper flights."

Most of you recognized the airport as an important asset. If these issues did not exist, you would love to fly out of Toledo. However, you were pessimistic about getting anything changed.

I'm Bob Chirdon. I shared your responses with the Toledo Express management. If they want to respond, we'll make the time available. I think most of us would like to hear if, when, and how these issues can be fixed.

Posted by KO