WTOL Editorial: Is Toledo Express on Its Last Wing?

It's a fact. Fewer people are flying out of Toledo Express Airport than were flying out last year at this time. Airport management offers the following  reasons :

9/11: That day forever changed the way we travel.

Also, Delta, US Air, Northwest and United have declared bankruptcy in the past 5 years. And, ATA, a regional low-fare carrier that hubbed out of Chicago and had a huge presence in Toledo, liquidated its operation in 2004. That one really hurt. Finally, Detroit Metro is easier to get to than it used to be.

For Toledo Express, the pattern of fewer passengers is significant and troubling. It can't go on like this forever. At the same time, Detroit Metro just seems to get bigger.

Airport management says the passenger count should stabilize. No other airlines are expected to leave.

Yet the survival of the Toledo airport is based on growth. Growth requires us to use the airport more. If we continue to perceive Detroit as a much better option, one day it will be our only option.

I'm Bob Chirdon, and I wonder how much we really care if Toledo Express ceases to exist? Well, if things keep going this way, we'll find out.

Posted by KO