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Crawford Ave. Couple Remembers Last Year's Flood

It's almost the one-year anniversary of a flood that damaged homes in West Toledo. One of the hardest hit areas was Crawford Avenue.

News 11's Jennifer Boresz talked to a family still recovering on that street, one of the hardest hit areas.

As contradicting as it may seem, Gerry Mather considers the summer flood of 2006 a blessing in disguise. "It's brought a lot of new friends and neighbors closer," Mather said.

When times were tough, city workers, friends and volunteers all pitched in to help. They cleaned out Mather's basement, and they helped to repair the damaged family room.

"It's been kind of a good experience overall. I don't want to go through it again," Mather said.

Neither does his wife, Jan. The flood damage has cost them thousands of dollars, and although Gerry was able to salvage his baseball card collections, some things can't be replaced.

"We had kept a file of all of our trips together, and we've been married for 42 years and that's a long time, and we had all kinds of souvenirs, things that we would look back and that kind of thing," Jan said.

Now they're looking to the future, one they believe will be better. But, they're still apprehensive each time the skies turn gray. A pump just a few yards away from their home is a constant reminder of what could happen again. 

"It may be, from the city standpoint, just a safety precaution that's not giving the people in the area much confidence that what they're doing in the back is gonna make it better," Gerry said. 

Gerry thinks the only thing that will restore peace of mind is a heavy rain that goes down city drains instead of in residents' basements.  

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