City Ignores Overgrown Yard; Neighbors Call 11 for Action

TOLEDO -- The people of Northgate Parkway are proud of their neighborhood, with one glaring exception.

A home there was abandoned in the spring, and the yard has been left growing out of control. The neighbors called the city for help but got no response.

So they contacted Call 11 for action -- and we got results!

"This is the worst I've ever seen. Of any property," said Barbara Daly, who lives near the home in question. "Very depressing. Looking over at something like this. It's almost as tall as I am."

The weeds and grass are several feet high, and the mess is home to rats, other rodents, and mosquitos.

"I'm just hoping that you'll shake em up, and get something done here," said Sherry Cowell, also an angry neighbor who was hoping Call 11 for Action would get results.

Well, once News 11 got involved, the weeds and tall grass got cut.

A city crew was out shortly after being contacted by News 11, and the neighbors are thrilled with the progress.

"I'd say you get results," said neighbor Alice Menden.

The City of Toledo is now going to send a bill to the property owner for the grass cutting. And we're told an inspector will be watching the property closely. If the grass gets out of hand again, it will get cut, and that'll mean another bill for the owner.

The city is also looking to see if the house itself needs to be added to the demolition list. We'll keep checking.

Posted by KO