Parking Problems a Misery for Residents

Residents on Morton street in East Toledo have turned to Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith for help. With what? Parking spaces. Or, rather, the lack of parking spaces.

Turns out there are only about eight spots on the entire street.

"We are on two cul-de-sacs. Where do you park?" asked resident Dawn Bork.

It's the question Bork asks herself every day. There's no parking on one side of her street, and the cul-de-sac is out of play -- so there's only one option. Bork says finding a spot is virtually impossible.

"If you really squeeze, you can fit eight to 10 cars here -- bumper to bumper," Bork said. "When I have guests over, I have to ask them to park in an abandoned house lot so they don't get tickets."

Bork got a $100 citation Wednesday night for parking out of bounds. "I'm tired of getting tickets for no reason," Bork said.

She says the empty lot across the street could provide a solution. "Part of it is private property; the other part is city easement," Bork said, adding that the city should step in and use their land to widen the street. Up until this point, however, that plan has been rejected.

"I think the city is giving me the run-around," Bork said.

Commissioner Mike Craig has said he has supported Bork, but he says he didn't get backing from the city until today, which means a solution is on its way.

Posted by KO