FAQ's from Area Office on Aging

QUESTION: I have heard great things about the Farmer's Market Nutrition Program and am interested in participating, but I would like to know more about it and who is eligible to participate.

ANSWER: The Farmer's Market Nutrition Program is a program offered by the Area office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. in conjunction with the USDA to encourage and provide for healthy eating practices among senior adults.  Eligibility is open to adults who are 60 years old or more and who are low income, as defined by an annual income of $18,889 or less for a single person or $25,327 or less for a household of two.

Applications and coupons are accepted and distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Coupons are used for the purchase of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables from participating farmers markets, but not from grocery stores.  If eligible, you will receive $45 worth of coupons.  For homebound seniors, a proxy may be appointed to pick up the coupon and produce for the senior.  For any other questions or further assistance, call 419-382-0624.

QUESTION: I am a senior on a fixed income and recently I have found myself in a situation where I am raising my three grandchildren.  I love my grandchildren very much, but at the same time, this situation is distressing to me as I barely have enough money to support myself and, now I find myself raising three young children.  Is there help available for people who find themselves in this place?

ANSWER: Yes. The Kinship Navigator Program at the Area Office on Aging can help connect you with all the different benefits that are available to you.  The Kinship Navigator Program can be contacted at 419-382-7060. The Kinship Navigator Program provides one-time financial assistance for items such as a bed and clothing for the children.  One example of another benefit that is available for grandparents and other relatives who are raising children from their extended families is a program through Job and Family Services where financial support is provided in the amount of $245 per month for one child, $336 per month for two children, $410 per month for three children, and $507 per month for four children.  This aid is provided regardless of income. WIC, food stamps, utility and housing assistance is available, but with income stipulations.  There is also assistance available through the Job and Family services for other issues that a caregiver faces-such as health care needs, stress, and complicated kinship issues.  To find out more information on specific issues, visit the website for the Job and Family services at  www.jfs.ohio.gov.

QUESTION: I've heard about a food delivery programs that you offer; could you tell me more about it?

ANSWER: Individuals 60 years old or older who are homebound may be eligible to receive assistance through the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. With this service, five nutritionally balanced hot or frozen meals, or a combination of both, will be delivered to the person's home.  Meal delivery is once or, in some situations, twice per day, Monday-Friday between 1030 am and 130 pm.  Special meals may also be delivered for individuals with dietary restrictions.  Each month, menu options are printed with a variety of different food choices to select from.  Payment for the meals is made by voluntary donations that, depending on location, could range in cost up to $3.50.  Families of seniors may purchase gift cards to assist in the purchase of these home delivered meals.  The number to call for information on this is 419-385-2532.  For persons with low income, you may be eligible to receive meals through PASSPORT.  Call 419-382-0624 for more information.

QUESTION: I was interested in discovering more information on transportation services offered to seniors, could you provide me with information concerning that?

ANSWER: Senior Centers Inc. can be contacted at 419-242-9511 to get two trips to a medical appointment a month.  The suggested donation is $3 per trip.  Another useful transportation resource is TARTA, which has a wheelchair accessible service for those who require that service.  This service economical for those with limited income.  The cost is 50 cents per fare.  TARTA services nine communities in the Toledo area.

QUESTION: My father has always been a very independent person, but now as he has progressed in age, I've notice some deterioration in his driving skills, and I am pretty concerned about the possibility of his being involved in an accident.  Because it is so important to him to maintain his driving privileges, I was wondering is there anything to be done that could hone his driving skills.

ANSWER: Yes.  There are classes offered through AARP for seniors to improve driving skills.  The courses consist of two half-day sessions that will help to hone driving skills and teach good driving safety practices.  There is an $10 fee for this program.  The contact number is 1-800-424-3410.

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