Gourmet Hamburgers

Start with Bassett's Market fresh ground chuck and add some bang to your burgers.

Mushroom Burger
Sautee' fresh diced mushrooms - try shitake or portabella for extra flavor.  Mix into your ground chuck.

Greek Burger
Chop fresh spinach and crumbled feta for flavor.  Mix into your ground chuck.

Bleu Cheese Burger
Place a small chunk of bleu cheese in center of patty.  Mix into your ground chuck.

Tex Mex Burger
Using Bassett's fresh homemade salsa for a tex-mex fiesta.

For best results do not overcook; use stem thermometer to monitor internal temperature of patty to 165 degrees.

***Easiest yet, stop by Bassett's Meat Department and buy one of our packages of ready to cook gourmet hamburger patties!***