WTOL Editorial: Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse is a Mandate to Get Involved

In this country, I believe adults have an obligation to protect children, even if they are not theirs.

Last week, a 10-year-old boy and his little brother escaped their abusive captors. Police say the boys lived in filthy conditions. They say the children were sometimes locked away in pet cages.

They never played outside -- but occasionally could be seen crying at the windows. Sadly, it took a courageous act by the older child to escape this nightmare.

As for the adults who sometimes came in contact with these children, I guess you have to live with your decision to walk away and not get involved.

And for the rest of us, there is a huge life lesson in this story of misery and hope. When we suspect abuse of any kind, we need to get involved and report it to the authorities.

We don't have to know for certain it's actually happening. That's up to the authorities to figure out. If you suspect child abuse, call Lucas County Children Services at 419-213-2273.

I'm Bob Chirdon, and when it comes to abusing children, our society should demand zero tolerance. Our basic human morality and compassion should compel us to help those too young or too lost to help themselves.

Posted by KO