Planning Commission Approves Site Plan for New Car Dealership

By Deb Buker

Last week, Perrysburg Planning Commission approved the final site plan for the proposed Taylor Hyundai Dealership to be located on approximately 10 acres on Eckel Junction Road, west of State Route 25.

Plans are to demolish the existing vacant truck terminal on the property and construct a new 30,000-square-foot automobile dealership along with a landscaped 450-vehicle space parking area.

Also, the site plan shows a new elevated display area and pond would be adjacent and oriented to I-475. The pond would be a permanent wet type primarily for aesthetics, with the added use as a stormwater detention area.

Rick Thielen, planning, zoning and economic development administrator said the owner, Stephen Taylor, has requested a zoning change for the property. He explained it currently is zoned C-3 community shopping and does not permit automotive sales, but the previous C-3 general highway commercial did permit the proposed use.

"The new code recommended that all C-3 uses be converted to the new C-4 highway commercial due to the fact that a new commercial zoning classification was added. The proposed use and improvements are consistent with the intended use of the property under the previous zoning code and current C-3 classification. The city's comprehensive plan indicates commercial development per the subject property location-C-3 zoning. In an effort to protect the property with future title issues and to be consistent with the code, it is recommended that the current zoning classification of C-3 be amended to C-4," added Mr. Thielen.

Also, the proposed use of a new automobile dealership requires a special approval use. To comply with the special approval, the owner must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • A minimum lot width of 50 feet fronting on a street and containing a minimum of at least 5,000 square feet of area shall be provided.
  • A suitable building for the use shall be located on the site.
  • All lighting shall be shielded from adjacent residential districts. String lights shall be prohibited.
  • No repair or refinishing shall be done out-of-doors on the property.
  • Banners, pennants, spinners and attention getting devices shall be prohibited.
  • Ingress and egress to the outdoor sales area shall be at least 20 feet from the intersection of any two streets.
  • A six foot wall or solid fence must be provided when abutting or adjacent districts are zoned or used for residential use. The height of the fence or wall shall be measured from the surface of the ground of the abutting residential district.

The planning commission has recommended the approval of the C-4 classification and the special approval use to city council.  Public hearings for the zoning change and special approval use are scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, at 7:10 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. in the municipal building prior to the city council meeting.

The Taylor Hyundai final site plan shows the entrance for the dealership on Eckel Junction Road at the northwest corner of the property utilizing the existing curb cut and entrance.

The plan also provides appropriate mounding, screen and landscaping to the site to minimize the view of the expansive parking areas.

Mr. Thielen reviewed the city requirements for landscaping. He said that the city requires one tree minimum, two and a half inch calipers for each eight parking spaces which would equate to 57 trees for the dealership.

"Street trees planted 30 feet on center also are required per code along Eckel Junction Road. However, there is a significant drainage ditch between the edge of pavement and the existing sidewalk. Consequently, there would appear to be insufficient room and or grade that would permit street trees. I would recommend not requiring street trees in the required right-of-way along Eckel Junction. However, additional evergreen plant material, similar to the proposed treatment for the display area on the south end of the property, shall be included on the north end of Eckel Junction Road in place of street trees to assist in screening the proposed parking in the winter," he added.

The planning commission also approved the final site plan for the proposed Taylor Hyundai Dealership.