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City Says West Toledo Flood Zone Will Stay Dry This Year

WEST TOLEDO -- Any time there was rain in the forecast last year, Crawford Avenue residents were nervous, because floodwaters repeatedly filled their basements.  But this year should be different.  City crews have been working to make sure Crawford Avenue stays dry this year.

After last year's flooding, some said "forget it" and put their houses up for sale.  Others, like Mike Hall, plan to stick it out.  "I really like it here. Nice neighborhood," said Hall.  "Just a bad summer last year."

The city has been working all winter to stop future flooding.  Shantee Creek, which overflowed it's banks into the neighborhood, has been cleared of debris.  New, larger sewer lines are also being installed which should increase capacity and divert water away from Crawford Avenue.  "Unless there is an inordinate amount of rainfall, you sould not expect water in your basement," said Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.  "We're hanging in there."

Lillian Grodi believes Mayor Finkbeiner.  "Because I have faith in the city of Toledo in taking care of it and getting it done well," said Grodi.  Mike Hall agrees, saying flooding is now the last thing on his mind.  "I'm not really worried. Looks as though they have it under control I think," said Hall.

"I hope," said Hall.

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