Suspect in Bowling Green Murder Has Been Found; Murder Victim's Mother Speaks Out

Kathy Newlove says the "system" failed her daughter.
Kathy Newlove says the "system" failed her daughter.
Alicia Castillon's children
Alicia Castillon's children

BOWLING GREEN -- Craig R. Daniels, Jr., who police believe shot and killed 30-year-old Alicia Castillon and 22-year-old John Mitchell last week in Bowling Green, has been found at his mother's house in Stark County, police have confirmed. It happened around 3:25 p.m. on Monday in Louisville, Ohio.

Kathy Newlove, Alicia's mother, said she's relieved Daniels is in custody, but that she is angry at the system. "The system failed my daughter. The system failed my grandchildren, and now our family is missing a daughter and the children don't have a mother," she told News 11's Shelley Brown on Monday.

Newlove says Craig Daniels ended her daughter's life and devastated the lives of four children. She said her grandchildren woke up to gunshots and their mother screaming. She added that her daughter had been battling Daniels for years.

"The last time he broke into her house, he tied her hands behind her back, stuffed a sock in her mouth, dumped chemicals in her eyes, and held a knife to her throat. And this is the man they let out on his own recognizance," Newlove said, adding that she's angry a judge would allow someone with Daniels' history out of jail.

"I wrote a letter to the judge begging him not to let Craig out, and he claims he never got the letter. All I can say is I personally hand-delivered it to Paul Dobson, the prosecuting attorney," she said.

Wood County Common Pleas Court Judge Reeve Kelsey told News 11 over the phone that he never received that letter. He said he has only an indictment to go on and relies on speeches from the prosecuting and defense attorneys.

Newlove said her family is relieved Daniels is in custody. "He deserves to be punished to the fullest extent for what he's done to my daughter and her children and to Mitchell."

Police first went to the house on Parker Street in Bowling Green after a 911 call alerted them to the shooting around 3:00am on Thursday. Parker Street is just north of West Wooster, off Haskins Road.

Police say Daniels is the father of two of Castillon's four children. According to court records, Daniels has served time behind bars for domestic violence against Castillon, and in a stack of police reports, Castillion herself predicted her own fate, telling police "she was fearful for the lives of her children and herself." Those records go back around 10 years.

There were four children in the house at the time of the killings, and none of them were harmed.

This was the first double-murder in Bowling Green since the 1980s.

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