WTOL Editorial: Toledo Storm Needs To Blow On Outta Here

Let's face it, The Storm's future is in question.

During last season, the Storm played 66 games with 35 wins, 28 losses, one tie and two shoot out losses. They had a decent season. And last year, they made it to the Conference Finals.

So far in '07, the Storm's attendance record is about 3,972 for 32 games. That's about 127,095 tickets sold. That's not bad.

But, now that the mayor and Larry Dillin have the Marina District project well in hand, it's time to look seriously at the future, including the new downtown arena, which is on schedule to open in the fall of 2009.

With the new arena, we'd need a better product on the ice. We'd need a higher level of hockey.

New arena, new team. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I'm Bob Chirdon, and I say The Storm should blow on outta here.