WTOL Editorial: Courage Wears Black, Plays Baseball, Has Heart

WTOL General Manager Bob Chirdon pays tribute to a group of young men with heart:

This week we found out what courage looks like.

The Bluffton University baseball team decided it will play its first game of the season later this month. That's not even one month after the crash that took the lives of five players and a beloved bus driver and his wife.

We would have understood had the team canceled its season.

We would have understood had the players decided to heal away from the baseball diamond and the scrutiny that will surely come its way.

But perhaps these young men are teaching us something. About handling adversity. About not giving in. About courage.

Courage is a baseball team at a university southwest of Toledo. It wears a black jersey in honor of its dead teammates. It plays a game to keep its heart.

I'm Bob Chirdon. And when these young men take the field, I'll be rooting for the home team.

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