Gripping 911 Calls from Bluffton Baseball Players Just After Bus Crash

911 tapes from last week's fatal crash on I-75 near Atlanta have been released by the Atlanta Police Department.

One of the Bluffton students and several witnesses made the calls shortly after the bus plunged over the side of a highway overpass early Friday morning.

"We've just been in a bus accident. (Moaning heard in background). I don't know where we're at," a student said.

"A lot of people, a lot of people laying down on the ground in different places."

Operator: "About how many. Give me an estimate so we know how many ambulances. How many?"

Student: "We're talking 50. Not 50. At least 33 -- 33 people on this bus."

Operator: "Okay. Y'all on the expressway or on the street?"

Student: "I think we fell off the expressway. We hit a road and fell off the actual bridge."

Witness: "Northside expressway, there's people crawling out. They need medical attention fast! They can't get out."

Operator: "Hold on, ma'am."

Caller: "Hello, yes ma'am. We got a wreck down here. A bus dropped off the Interstate -- down here by Northside Drive on 75 South. And we have an emergency right now."

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