Bluffton University President Speaks at News Conference

BLUFFTON, OHIO -- At least six Ohioans are dead after a charter bus carrying the Bluffton University baseball team fell off an off-ramp and onto Interstate 75 in Atlanta.  Police spokesman Joe Cobb says the driver apparently mistook the exit lane for part of the carpool lane and continued over the side of the overpass.  The bus tumbled over a fence and guard rail, and landed on its left side.

The National Transportation Safety Board has already begun its investigation.  A police spokesman describes the bus as being "completely annihilated."  Sports equipment was scattered along the interstate.

Shortly after 11:00am, the president of Bluffton University spoke to reporters.  In part, here is the statement from James Harder:

"Today is a profoundly tragic and sad day in the life of Bluffton University.  Early this morning, a bus carrying 33 Bluffton University baseball team members and coaches, and I believe two employees of the bus company had an accident, a tragic accident in Atlanta, as has been reported all morning in the media.  They were on their way to participate in their annual spring training and spring tournament.  They had a game scheduled for Saturday morning, their first game of the season, in Sarasota, Florida."

Transcribed by AEB