WTOL Editorial: Westgate

It doesn't happen often.

Me, agreeing with Carty.

Still, you can't help but notice,

when you look at what's going on -- going up -- at Westgate,

it's ugly.

Just plain ugly.

It's big box stores with awnings.

Aesthetically, it just doesn't say village.

It doesn't even say, "Please shop here."

There's nothing inviting, nothing enticing people to drop by.

I feel badly for the people who live around there.

They wanted something better.

Something that said, "Please come in. We'd like to show you why we're cool enough to be here."

Instead, they got an eyesore.

I'm Bob Chirdon, and I want Toledo City Council -- who railed against Carty over this issue -- to explain why they couldn't keep Westgate from being raped.

What do you think?