What Police Officers Learn to Help Them Survive on the Job

TOLEDO -- Detective Keith Dressel's death on Feb. 21 is making many people reflect -- on a lot of different issues. One of those issues has to do with safety training for police officers.

Indeed, one of the most important things an officer can learn is how to react in different situations. Former State Trooper Mike Webber, the law enforcement coordinator for the University of Findlay, has used a program to train officers throughout the state.

The program is called "video scenario training," and it's used to train officers to react in dangerous situations. It puts officers in virtual real life situations -- before they go out on the streets.

Each situation trains officers to handle dozens of different outcomes, using a variety of weapons. The program can be used for both lethal and non-lethal training.

Webber says it's important to be trained and ready because in some situations, officers have little time to react.

"This training really helps that officer to react to that gun, or that knife, and it helps them, hopefully, react and will hopefully help save their lives," Webber said.

Posted by KO