A Look at the Young Suspects in Detective Dressel's Death

TOLEDO -- Two suspects are in custody at Lucas County Jail for the death of Detective Dressel.

News 11 has learned that both suspects have troubled pasts and have had run-ins with the law. Nineteen-year-old Sherman Powell, sources have told us, has a serious criminal record that dates back to February of last year.

He's been arrested and/or charged with various crimes, including possession of crack and marijuana, assaults, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon. His most recent arrest was last Monday -- just two days ago -- for outstanding traffic warrants.

Fifteen-year-old Robert Jobe's history is hard to come by because he's a juvenile. But we know he was on probation.

On the street, Jobe was known as Bobby White -- or B-White. We know he attended Holy Trinity School until the eighth grade. He had failing grades and was absent for close to 50 days.

He was then home-schooled and also enrolled in Woodward High School as a freshman as of September 2006. He then attended Phoenix Academy, a charter school on the corner of Jefferson and 23rd in Toledo. It's a school for drop-outs and at-risk kids from middle school to high school.

The principal of Phoenix says Jobe enrolled on January 26 and has been at the school only two days total. We found some students who say they knew Jobe.

Of Jobe, Ryan Savage says, "He was an all right kid. It's unbelievable."

Mayssa Cheaib says, "He wanted to be a good kid. This really shocked me."

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