Neighborhood Reacts to Officer's Shooting

NORTH TOLEDO -- For several hours, Toledo Police officers and detectives combed a north Toledo neighborhood looking for the suspect in a police detective's shooting.  People who live there say violence isn't that uncommon in that neighborhood, but the death of a police officer is.

Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre says the preliminary investigation shows 35-year-old Detective Keith Dressel, officer Todd Miller, and detective William Bragg stopped two people on Ontario Street around 2:00am.  Navarre says the officers may have interrupted some kind of drug deal.  Both suspects appeared young, and Navarre says the officers at first thought they were dealing with curfew violators at the very least.

As Dressel and the others got out of their car and identified themselves, Navarre says the two suspects ran away.  19-year-old Sherman Powell was taken into custody right away by Bragg and Miller.  Dressel chased the other, identified by police as 15-year-old Robert Jobe.  Navarre says Dressel confronted the boy and shots were exchanged.

A single bullet hit Dressel in the chest.  Navarre says other police units rushed to the scene almost instantly, and started giving Dressel first aid.  Rescuers took him to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, where doctors pronounced him dead at 2:36am.

The Toledo Police department's SWAT team served as a wake-up call for many residents along Ontario and Bush in north Toledo.  "They were back in my yard, looking for evidence," said Christina Peterson, who lives just down the street from the scene of the fatal shooting.  "You always hear gunshots in the neighborhood... at least once a weekend.  But you never would think something like this would happen as close as it did."

As detectives went door-to-door, people in the neighborhood -- including children -- watched the investigation in shock.  "It's shocking -- an office killed," said Shaquille Hartford, a north Toledo resident.  "I think it's crazy.  Cops are getting shot."

The shooting happened just yards from a church and in the middle of a block full of children, which has residents here worried.  "It makes me wonder if it safe to have them outside playing because you never what going to happen," said Peterson.

Posted by AEB