Toledo Streets Deserted After Storm

TOLEDO -- It almost looked like a ghost town.  The cold and snowy weather closed down restaurants and businesses across the region, leaving Toledo's streets deserted.

The storm dumped anywhere from 6 to 16 inches of new snow in the Toledo area.  News 11 Meteorologist Mike Stone says the snow will taper off Wednesday morning, adding minor additional accumulations.

On Tuesday night, there was a double-whammy for some downtown businesses.  First, there was heavy snow.  Second, they were in the dark.  "The power went out so we had to close down for the time being," said Steven Gray, the manager of Fricker's in downtown Toledo.  "Until it comes back up, so we'll see what happens."  Tuesday was "wing night" at the downtown Fricker's, one of the busiest nights of the week.  On Tuesday, the tables were all empty.

Just a few miles away, there was a flashing beacon in the cold, snowy night.  Daddy O's was open for business.  The snow tonight was not bad at all," said Bill Lerous, a Daddy O's customer.  "I don't think the weather was that bad.  I think people blew it out of proportioin. I think it's fine, I mean you just have to watch what you're doing."

Which is exactly what a Daddy O's employee did as he slipped and slides on the roadways.  "I was just bringing employees back and forth to work so they have somebody to cover here, but we're going to have to make a decision about tomorrow like everybody else," said Arnie Elzey, a Daddy O's employee.  "I don't know how bad the storm will get overnight so it looks like we might be having a day off tomorrow."