Have You Tried to Shovel Your Walk? Be Ready to Do the Job Over and Over Again

TOLEDO -- With the heavy snow, people have had to work overtime just to keep their sidewalks shoveled.  Lots of people tell us the same thing -- they shovel their walks only to have them covered with snow an hour later.

After more than 24 hours and anywhere from 6 to 16 inches of snow, the end of the storm is near.  News 11 Meteorologist Mike Stone says the western edge of the storm has passed over the Indiana border, and snow will end in Toledo by breakfast time.

Stone says the snow will taper off on Wedesday with minor additional accumulations. Winds will continue gusting above 30 mph this morning, cause more blowing and drifting snow. Wind chills will be below zero much of the day.

Stone says some scattered snow showers and minor lake-effect will be around tonight and Thursday.  Count on News 11 to follow this Winter Blast as it develops.

When we caught up with Steve Taylor, he was shoveling his driveway and sidewalk for the second time.  "There was more than this, but the wind blew it back," said Taylor,  "So I had to get it again."

Steve wasn't the only one shoveling on Central Avenue.  His neighbor, Ron Ortega, was also out just a few houses down.  "This is my yearly cardiovascular stress test," said Ortega.  "If I get through this without chest pain, I'm good for another year."

But many Toledo sidewalks are still covered with snow, that's why some people are just walking in the street instead.  Some people, like postal carrier Tom Szollosi, don't have a choice.  "It's not the best day to be a letter carrier," said Szollosi.  "Everyone wants to be one in the summertime, this time of year, nobody wants the job."

But after 4 years of delivering mail in Florida and 12 years in Toledo, Tom says even in the snow he's happy to be here.  "It's too hot in Florida, too hot and too crowded," said Szollosi.

Posted by AEB