People Taking Blizzard and Storm Warnings Seriously

PERRYSBURG -- Many people are taking our Blizzard Warning and Winter Storm Warnings to heart -- and preparing the best way they know how.  That means stocking up on food and keeping the car ready for the worst.

Toledo resident Bennie Bethel says if we get a foot of snow, he won't take any chances with getting to work in the morning and getting home Tuesday night.  "I don't know how soon it's going to be or maybe [I'll] get stuck on the way home," said Bethel.  "I told the wife who was laying watching TV, maybe I should go get a little more gas."

"I want to make sure we got a full tank," said Bethel.

Shoppers at Bassett's Market in Perrysburg didn't want to be caught *inside* without the basics. Especially when kids are around.  "Milk, I'm headed to the bread aisle, eggs, cereal, pop tarts, bagel bites when they're home off school for lunch," said Karen Johnston, a Winter Blast shopper.

Jerry Howald of Perrysburg agreed.  "I remember that March storm in the 70's, and yeah, we had to have a lot of stuff stocked up in that one," said Howald.

Bassett's Market was busy all day and managers had to call in two extra shifts tonight. But at least one shopper -- who bought milk and bread by the way -- wondered what all the fuss was about.  "I think all the time [people overreact].  They make it sound like it's worse than it really is," said Todd Lindow, a shopper.

Bassett's has a truck coming in the morning to stock the shelves for the next rush before the storm.

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Posted by AEB