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TOLEDO -- We've all heard the advice to dress in layers, but what does that really mean?  We turned to Erin Hulme, a clothing and footwear expert at Gander Mountain in Holland, for the best advice on warm clothes for kids.

She says they should be wearing material that wicks away the moisture.  "If you get wet and cold that's just going to be bad. It lowers your temperature," said Hulme.

Hulme says fleece is one of the best ways to keep your kids warm at the bus stop. It's also a layer that's easily added on or removed.  "It's just how the fibers are bunched in together," said Hulme.  "It's great for layers because it's not too thick but it will still keep you warm.

Kids can also wear "snow bibs." They lock in the warmth for playing in the snow, and they're ideal for bus stops.  Kids should also always wear a hat and warm socks, and no tennis shoes.  They let in the air and make feet vulnerable to the wind.

A good pair of boots is the only way to go.  "The waterproof, breathable and most waterproof things have [the material called] Gortex in them. And that is going to do it," said Hulme.

Don't forget gloves and lip balm to protect against the wind.  And don't forget water. You don't want the kids getting dehydrated in this weather.

Posted by AEB