Child's Foot Amputated After Pit Bull Gnawed Part of it Off

The boy's foot was injured at this house on St. John Ave.
The boy's foot was injured at this house on St. John Ave.

TOLEDO -- Doctors had to amputate a 4-year-old's foot after a Pit Bull dog apparently gnawed part of it off.  The incident happened in a house on St. John Avenue in north Toledo.

Toledo Police say they were called to The Toledo Hospital on Friday morning after the child's mother brough the boy in.  The mother told police she was awakened by another child who said their sibling's foot was bleeding.  When she investigated, she found part of the 4-year-old boy's foot had been chewed off by the family's 4-month-old Pit Bull, and there was blood on the dog's face.

She took the child to The Toledo Hospital for treatment, and doctors there had to amputate the rest of the child's foot.

The injured child apparently has spina bifida, and has no feeling in his legs or feet, so he did not feel the biting.

Neighbors tell News 11 an officer for the Lucas County Dog Warden's office went to the house to retrieve the dog later in the afternoon on Friday.  The department reportedly euthanized the dog, and now the Lucas County Health Department will test it for rabies.

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