Cold Case Stirring Up Emotions in Those Who Lived Through It

TOLEDO -- News of a break in a 39-year-old murder cold case is stirring up old feelings and emotions for those who worked at Central Catholic in the late 60's.  Toledo Police announced Monday that they've issued an arrest warrant for 70-year-old Robert Bowman, charging him with the murder of Eileen Adams.  She was only 14 when she disappeared in December of 1967.

Police believe Bowman abducted Adams, held her captive in his basement, sexually assaulted her, and strangled her.  Eileen's body was found about a month later in a Monroe County field.  Bowman, who's now 70-years-old, is charged with aggravated murder.  Recent DNA tests linked him with evidence found at the crime scene.

Adams was a student at Central Catholic High School in Toledo when she disappeared.  Students and faculty members who were there at the time say they still remember some details of the case vividly.

Sister Marguerite Polcyn was a Central Catholic teacher at the time.  Now she's still teaching students, but at Lourdes College in Sylvania.  She remembers that time very well, and even attended Adams' funeral to pay her respects.  "I remember the next day in school when the girls came in and said, 'Eileen never got home,'" said Polcyn.

Sr. Polcyn never taught Adams, but says students who knew her, liked her.  When the news hit Central, she says it shocked everyone.  "It was just solemn, grave, concerned, shocked," said Polcyn.

For weeks, Sr. Polcyn says students prayed for Eileen.  "Many times in the morning when they would have the morning announcements, they would just say, 'Let us remember Eileen in our prayers,'" said Polcyn.  "Then when her body was found, we realized how horrible her death must have been."

Nearly 40 years after Eileen Adams' death, Sr. Polcyn is thankful.  "I just thank God for us to have this ability to keep DNA, and to be able to check DNA and to be able to locate the person who owns that DNA," said Polcyn.

The announcement of the arrest warrant stirred up feelings for the man who found Adams' body in that Monroe County field.  "It's the kind of emotion of someone getting away with it, you know," he said.

The man didn't want to show his face and has never met Eileen.  He went hunting, and found her wrapped in a rug with her feet sticking out.  Police say Eileen's body was tied up with cords.  "I thought at the time," the witness said, "[The killer's] probably a monster."

The witness fears she didn't end up in Monroe County alone.  "How could one person carry up that rug by himself?  "I just hope they find [Bowman] and he owns up to it."

Posted by AEB