Photos: TomKat's First Kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Cruise, Cutting the Cake and More

It took a while, but it was worth the wait -- and then some. Photos of Tom and Katie's wedding and the reception that followed are now posted online, and we're sharing the link with you.

You'll see the lovebirds joining forces to cut their towering wedding cake (a photo that also gives you a better view of Katie's off-the-shoulder dress than did that hot-off-the camera photo released just a few hours after the ceremony).

Follow the link and you'll also find a picture of the now legendary kiss that went on for so long, wedding guests reportedly begged the couple to stop. Some say the lip-lock lasted as long as three minutes -- but when you're in love, who's counting?

If you're wondering who has this great TomKat scoop, it's People magazine, the same folks who gave us the first image of the newly-married couple.

(Fair warning: People magazine sometimes changes the content at its links. These comments pertain to what was reached at the above link on November 25, 2006.)

Posted by PJS