A Secret Only We (and Now You) Know About the Gift Katie's Giving Her Bridesmaids

The Eternity Cross designed by Suzy Fabrikant. Photo courtesy of Neiman-Marcus.
The Eternity Cross designed by Suzy Fabrikant. Photo courtesy of Neiman-Marcus.

TOLEDO -- This is a love story -- and here's how we got involved in it:

An email arrived at wtol.com a few days ago from a man who wanted to delight his wife with a very, very special gift. A TV show featured the diamond necklace Katie Holmes gave her bridesmaids. The man's wife fell in love with it and, because he loves her, he wanted to surprise her with an identical necklace.

"My wife was intrigued by the shape of the cross and the cuts of the diamonds," he told us. He said the design of the necklace is "definitely different" and that's what his wife likes when it comes to jewelry.

We can't tell you who this romantic husband is because we don't want to ruin the surprise he has planned for his wife. But we can tell you this much: his wife will soon give birth to their second child -- and he had his heart set on commemorating the joyous occasion by giving her a necklace just like the one Katie's bridesmaids are receiving.

But there was a problem: he didn't know who designed the necklace, so he worried that he wouldn't be able to find one like it. Then he contacted us and we found the designer's name: Suzy Fabrikant.

He took it from there -- quickly finding a retailer who had one for sale. Now he's in the process of receiving it.

We have to keep this secret just between us because he won't be giving her the necklace until she comes home from the hospital with the family's newest addition.

He says of his wife, "she is a tough cookie to please when it comes to jewelry" but he knows she'll love this particular piece of neck art.

And here's an interesting coincidence: the new baby's name (which we can't reveal) has its origins in the very same country where TomKat chose to wed.

The daddy-to-be says, "I believe every woman should receive a gift from a man for bringing a beautiful child into this world."

Now, while we wait for the baby to be born, here are some TomKat-related sites to visit on the Web -- beginning with a link to details about the necklace and another one where "Free Katie" T-shirts are sold (seems a tad late for that).

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