Toledo News Now Sponsorships

Each year, we donate thousands of dollars in airtime to qualified non-profit organizations.  Any non-profit group, which provides educational, informational or cultural benefits to Ohio, is invited to apply for public service time on-air and online.  The station also provides news coverage of community events, interview opportunities and a variety of other outlets that can help community organizations who know how to put them to use.

On this page, we'll try to help you understand the best way to gain access to services for your group or project, including:

  • Station Sponsorships
  • Community Calendar
  • News Coverage
  • Talent Appearances
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Online
  • Station Tours


Toledo News Now will select a limited number of community events to support as a sponsor.  Organizations seeking Toledo News Now sponsorships should submit a written proposal to the station four to six weeks in advance of their event.  When Toledo News Now acts as a sponsor, the community agency agrees to credit Toledo News Now as a sponsor in all of its promotional material for the event.

Toledo News Now Tip!  If you have corporate sponsors involved, let us know up front!  Many times, non-profits sell sponsors of their event by promising media coverage.  We can't always deliver on your promises, so keep that in mind when putting your plan together.

When Toledo News Now enters into a sponsorship agreement, it is with the understanding that the primary purpose of on-air announcements is to publicize the event or benefit the community organization.  Any commercial mentions of corporate sponsors must be discussed in advance.  The non-profit agency should under no circumstances promise other corporate sponsors guaranteed air schedules or logos on PSA's produced by Toledo News Now.   *(If promotional monies are spent with other media outlets, Toledo News Now will not be able to provide free air time for your event.)

There are three levels of sponsorships:

(A) Sponsorship: To qualify for this level:

  • The issue must be identified as a significant one to a large number of citizens.
  • Toledo News Now must be able to provide a real community service through our participation. This service must be recognizable by an average citizen.
  • Toledo News Now must be able to have talent participate in the event.

If (A) Sponsorship is agreed to by Toledo News Now, the station will provide:

  • A :30 or :15 featuring an on-air talent to run 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Have a guest appearance on Your Morning.
  • Other news features as agreed to by News Director.

(B) Participant:

  • Toledo News Now will not produce a spot, but would offer guest appearance on Your Morning as approved by News Director.

(C) Publicity on our Toledo News Community Calendar and other mentions as appropriate on other news shows.


Non-profits often view our airtime as a resource, but we have other ways we can help make your event or meeting a success.

Toledo News Now is proud to be home to many of the area's favorite local celebrities.  These individuals have each made a commitment to support community service activities, and enjoy opportunities to meet viewers and help out with a good cause.  We are also fortunate to have many qualified behind-the-scenes employees who make excellent speakers for meetings or programs.  We also have a state-of-the art facility in which we enjoy welcoming visitors.


Knowing the correct person to contact can be a challenge.  To schedule guests for individual show, contact the producer of that program.  To notify the newsroom for an event for which you would like coverage, contact the Assignment Desk.

Toledo News Now Tip!  Take a few minutes to get to know our news programs and people.  Think about how you can make your event or interview appealing to our producers and reporters.  What can you show?  What can viewers learn from your guest?  How can you make it more than just another plug?


You are welcome to put your event on our website.  Just go to and click on Community Info and then click on Community Calendar.  Events are activated on a regular basis after they are entered into the system.