What's Next for Noe?

TOLEDO -- Tom Noe is in the Lucas County Jail, awaiting sentencing. On Monday, a jury found him guilty on 29 out of 40 charges. People are now speculating: What's next for Noe?

A video shows Noe being booked into the Lucas County Jail where he's being kept in a dormitory-like block with 12 inmates. Officers ask him questions, pat him down before taking off his cuffs. Noe's dinner was a chicken patty, compliments of taxpayers.

For the next few weeks, Noe will be allowed one visitation per week, for one-half hour. Several family members visited Monday evening, reports News 11's Brad Harvey.

In Noe's immediate future is sentencing, which takes place Monday. "The defense attorneys will have a chance to say some things in mitigation on behalf of Mr. Noe, and weighing all those considerations, Judge Osowik will fashion a sentence that I'm sure he feels is appropriate," says Joe Solomon, an attorney and News 11's legal analyst.

Solomon says he was shocked that Noe's attorneys called no witnesses to speak on Noe's behalf. "I'm sure they made a tactical decision that things can only get worse. [They're thinking] if we open the door to some aspect of the case, it can only get worse."

For the one count of corruption, there is at least a mandatory 10-year sentence. And for conspiracy theorists who think Noe can count on friends in high places -- that's unlikely to work out for him, Solomon says.

"Theoretically, I guess President Bush could pardon him on the federal charges and Governor Taft could pardon him on the state charges as sort of a last hurrah before leaving office. I can't imagine that ever happening, though," Solomon says.

Noe watchers will just have to wait and see.

Posted by KO