Here's (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About TomKat's Wedding

The New York Daily News reports Sunday that "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are expected to tie the knot in a medieval Italian castle late this week surrounded by celebrity pals, tight security and lots of secrecy."

They also say the "star-studded 250-guest list includes John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston; formerly fat actress Kirstie Alley; British soccer star David Beckham and his ex-Spice Girl wife, Victoria (Posh) Beckham; and blind Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocelli."

And that's just the beginning of the celebrity dish the paper's serving TomKat fans hungry for the scoop on their favorite couple. They have the inside story on everything from designer Giorgio Armani's role for the big day and even the days leading up to it -- to what, besides clothes, Katie will be wearing to the ceremony.

There's even some question about whether the marriage will be legal.

And if you're wondering what gifts guests will be taking home with them, that's another reason to click the link. Hint: they cost eight grand and are embroidered.

Oh, and wait till you hear why some Italians are miffed.

Posted by PJS