Noe Checks Were Coded, Forensic Accountant Testifies

TOLEDO -- The Tom Noe trial continued Wednesday with testimony from two people, including Patrick Defrances, one of Noe's former bookkeepers.

But, most of the day was spent with a forensic accountant and fraud expert, Emlyn Neuman-Javornik. Her accounting firm was hired by the state to audit transactions between the Capital Coin Fund and Vintage Coins, the Maumee business owned by Tom Noe.

Javornik said many of the checks written were coded as if they were used to purchase coins. In reality the checks were written to contractors, attorneys, the U.S. Senior Open, a marina in Florida and Noe himself.

Javornik said the spending by Vintage Coins was not regulated by the Bureau of Workers Compensation's contract with Noe.

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