Former Noe Assistant's Testimony "Crucial" to Prosecution

TOLEDO --  Tom Noe's former personal assistant took the witness stand Tuesday in the trial against her former boss.

Noe, 52, is accused of stealing from a $50 million state investment in rare coins. Sue Metzger testified that he used that investment fund like an ATM.

Metzger's testimony could be crucial to the prosecution's case. Metzger oversaw Noe's personal checking account and said that in 2004 Noe began spending much more money renovating his homes and buying gifts.

Metzger testified she did not initially know where the money was coming from, but that during a conversation with Noe, he allegedly admitted he was tapping into the funds.

The state believes this is important testimony because it could help prove Noe stole millions from a rare coin investment by the state of Ohio and used the money to pay off his own personal and business debts.

Metzger testified she sensed "things were out of whack" at Noe's coin business. When she met with Noe, she said she became concerned after what he said.

Noe's attorneys say his deal with the state insurance fund for injured workers allowed him to use the money however he wanted. Testimony resumes Wednesday morning.

Posted by KO