Campaign Finance Scheme at a Glance

A look at the campaign donation scheme for which Tom Noe will serve 27 months in federal prison:

  • Toledo-area coin dealer Tom Noe gave friends and associates money to donate to President Bush's re-election campaign, allowing Noe to keep his pledge to raise $50,000 for a Bush fundraiser.
  • Noe wrote checks for just under the the maximum allowable amount of $2,000 or slightly less to his friends and associates in the eight days leading up to the fundraiser. Noe then had them fill out forms falsely certifying they were making the contributions themselves.
  • Noe told his friends that if anyone asked about the checks to tell them it was a loan from him. Some of Noe's friends did later lie to investigators about the money, prosecutors said.
  • Prosecutors are still deciding whether to charge some of Noe's friends who were given the money. Some of them include current and former officeholders in the Toledo area. A lawyer for three said they were not in danger of being charged because they cooperated with investigators.
  • The judge sentenced Noe to 27 months in prison for each of the three counts, with the sentences to be served concurrently.  The judge also imposed a $136,200 fine.

Source: The Associated Press