Gas Prices Soar After Terror Attacks

Editor's Note: This is one of several stories posted on WTOL.COM shortly after the terror attacks of 9/11/01.

TOLEDO -- Gasoline prices in parts of the country are soaring out of fear oil imports will be disrupted.  In parts of the country there have been reports that gas prices have reached $5 dollars a gallon, including some stations in the Toledo area that have boosted their prices.

At a Sunoco gas station in Luna Pier, Jerry Lipowski paid $100 for 23 gallons of gas.  "I don't know if it has to do with people panicking or what," said Lipowski.  "But proprietors are really sticking it to us now."

The people who run gas stations have admitted themselves they've raised prices to avoid selling out of gas. In the toledo area, the prices are lower than Luna Pier, averaging between $1.50 and $1.70 for one gallon of unleaded gas, but the scene is the same. Long lines, and fast pumping.  "A lot of pump rage, I guess you could call it, instead of road rage," said Chip McKay, a gas station customer.  "People are just going wherever they want, and pulling in front of you."

"The prices are going up," said customer Bethany Roger, "So I wanted to fill up now."

"It's crazy," said Robert Sparks, who bought gas.  "It's getting out of hand."

"I think the prices are going up and everybody's doing a panic. My husband called me from work and wanted me to go fill up the van," said Karen Culbertson, a gas customer.

Despite the rising prices, energy suppliers say the public shouldn't panic.  They say there is an ample supply of gasoline and are no signs of a shortage.

Posted September 12, 2001

Footnote: The Michigan Attorney General later cited some stations for price gouging in the days shortly after 9/11/01.