Toledoans Honor Fallen N.Y. Police and Firefighters in Memorial Service

Editor's Note: This is one of several stories posted on WTOL.COM in the days shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

TOLEDO -- More than 300-fire fighters are still missing in the debris of the World Trade Center. And all across the nation, police officers and firefighters continue to mourn their loss. In Toledo on Monday night, hundreds of people came together to pray at Rosary Cathedral, with firefighters, police officers, and average citizens attending the service.

In the nearly two weeks that have passed after the attacks, Americans and Ohioans continue to be touched by the devastating loss in New York. Through songs, and prayers folks again took the time to remember the victims.

The sound of the fire bell filled the church -- the same sound heard by New York rescuers on September 11th. The bagpipers led the way out of the church to the waiting ladder trucks.

The firefighters and police officers are looking for ways they can help. Battalion Chief Rules just returned from New York today and came right to this service. It was his second trip, and he knows many New York firefighters and even some who died. He says he just had to go.

There are 160 Toledo fire fighters on a waiting list to help out in New York. They could be called in the next couple of months.

Local fire fighters and police officers have raised $50,000 dollars by selling buttons. In fact... the demand was so great... they ran out. But there is a new shipment coming in tomorrow. The buttons are two dollars. For more information call the police union office at 241-8914 or the fire union hall at 244-8129.

Posted 11:41pm, Monday, September 24, 2001