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Toledoan Laments Summer Rains

TOLEDO - Toledoan Gerry Mather has had one of the most difficult summers of his life, he said Tuesday. His basement, like other basements in houses on Crawford Street, filled with water after June's summer storm.

Mather says he has spent months cleaning up. 

"It's just been one thing after another," Mather said. "Hurry up and delay. Hurry up and wait. It's been tough."

Throughout the summer, Mather has been without air conditioning, hot water and electricity, a common plight among his neighbors. While some clean up, others are ready to move out.

"I'm trying to sell. I don't know if anyone is going to want to buy it," Mather said. While parts of Crawford Street look like any other in west Toledo, it doesn't take long to see this neighborhood may never be the same again, he said. 

"It was terrible, it was dramatic," Mather said. "I'm scared to come back."

Mather said though the road ahead is still long, he'll keep smiling. "You gotta look for the positive side, because if you don't, you'll be so far down you'll never dig yourself out."

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